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Notes From Wednesday’s Books

And last Wednesday’s too. I have a lot to catch up on.

From Mister Terrific #7 I hope this isn’t the last we see Karen and Michael interact. Solicits say he will be in Earth 2 #1. 

It looks like the new52 Uncle Sam shows up in The Ray #4 doing his best impersonation of Nick Fury from The Ultimates. It’s a way better look than this one. I’d like to see the Freedom Fighters approached more like the Ultimates. I’d be in.

How badass is the Shade? There is some gorgeous are in The Shade #6.

I hope this Birds of Prey moment leads to the an Earth 2 tie in like promised. If I recall correctly Canary was the first earth jumping resident in old continuity.

Oh yeah! In Justice League’s back up Billy Batson lives in Philly just like me! It’s the little things. :)