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Newsarama has a preview of Justice League #21 which wraps up “The Curse of Shazam” story by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Newsarama has a preview of Justice League #21 which wraps up “The Curse of Shazam” story by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

The Shazam Family

CBR interviewed Geoff Johns about the Justice League with a preview of the next installment of “The Curse of Shazam.” The interview also got on the topic of the Shazam backup. Here is what he had to say about.

…Then getting to Billy and meeting this kid who’s not at all what you expect, that was very important to us. Gary and I wanted to tell a very character-oriented tale. These first ten pages are just a glimpse of who Billy Batson is, and I think starting by playing against expectations was very important for us, but also, his journey from here is central to the book. There’s a very big new angle we’re playing with Billy Batson and Shazam in particular, and some of that comes out in chapter two in “Justice League” #8, and even more of it will be seen over the first story. But obviously, we’re playing totally against expectations to start because Billy Batson has this goodness inside him, but just like every hero has that, we wanted to explore a more multi-dimensional kid. He’s had a rough go of it so far, and he’s got a lot of road to travel and a lot to learn from here.

Go read the rest of the interview.

Geoff Johns Talks About the Magic of Shazam

Los Angeles Times: Hero Complex spoke with Geofff Johns on his new take on Billy Batson and the magic of Shazam. This is what Johns had to say about the new take on Billy:

Gary [Frank] and I wanted the story of this boy being bestowed great magical power to be about more than a perfect kid becoming a perfect superhero. Billy Batson is a lot more complicated and nuanced than that to us, just like every character is compared to their 1950s equivalent. But it’s not about making Billy edgy, because I don’t think edgy is the right word to describe who Billy Batson is. Billy is trouble, but trouble in a way that I think we’ll find understandable, relatable and fun. He has a heart, a big one, but he also has a protective shell around it. He’s mischievous, independent and strong. He’s conflicted, tough and sad. And many other things. For us, Billy had to be as complex and as interesting as his alter ego.

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Gary Frank Talks More SHAZAM!

Not only did Gary Frank talk about “The Curse of SHAZAM!” with CBR but he also spoke with Newsarama. In that interview he lets us know we’ll be seeing both Marry and Freddie.

Mary and Freddie are there. Mary hasn’t changed much but we’ve had a little fun tweaking Freddie. There will be other kids, too, and I hope the readers will enjoy getting to know them.

It’s good to know Mary and Freddie will be around. I wonder if the other kids will be similar to those we saw in Flashpoint.

Gary Frank Draws Lighting

Comic Book Resouces has an interview with artist Gary Frank about his upcoming “The Curse of SHAZAM!” back-up in Justice League. He talks about the costume designs, working with Geoff Johns, the tone of the series, and Tawky Tawny.

I really liked what he said about the tone of the series:

Hmmm. There is darkness but I wouldn’t say it is grim. This isn’t a gritty version. It’s very much a fantasy story about a group of kids and designed to be enjoyed by kids. That doesn’t mean we need to have rainbows and pixie dust everywhere but it’s not exactly Frank Miller.

Johns Says SHAZAM!

Geoff Johns talked to Comic Vine about Aquaman, Green Lantern, Justice League, and “The Curse of SHAZAM.” He had said this to about the story:

 I will tell you Billy Batson definitely is the main character. It’s a very different tone than anything else we’re doing right now. Gary [Frank] and I are trying to do something that’s a little more magical. It’s less a superhero tale and more of a magical tale. It’s about a kid who’s alone and how he survives being alone.

Read the whole interview.

The above image is a sketch by Gary Frank.

First Look at The Curse of SHAZAM

Newsarama has look at Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Justice League backup, “The Curse of SHAZAM.” Here is a exerpt from the article:

Johns verified that the book will include new takes on Billy, Mary, Freddie, Sivana, the Wizard and Black Adam. While the hero that Billy becomes was formerly called Captain Marvel, Billy’s heroic character will now be known as Shazam, and Frank told Newsarama he’ll get a new costume that reflects his magical origin.