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So in Suicide Squad #26 we see a cameo appearance of Vigilante in the wild west. And a couple years back we saw him appear in The Shade #4 in 1944. Very interesting. It looks like Vigilante might be up to some time traveling in the New 52.

Could this mean that there is some sort of a Seven Soldiers of Victory in the New 52? We know Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Roy Harper (Arsenal) are alive in the present. Sylvester Pemberton (Star-Spangled KId/Skyman) was alive at some point and he did some heroing. Pat Dugan (Stripesy/S.T.R.I.P.E.) and Syl’s predecessor Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl) are alive and well. Sir Ystin was part of the Demon Knights in the distant past. Lee Travis (Crimson Avenger) and James Wing (WIng) exist on Earth 2. It would be great to see this team come together over may timelines and timepoints. 

Who would you like to see in the Seven Soldiers in the New 52?

Who is the new Stargirl and Starman?

Yesterday I posted an interview with MTV Geek had with Geoff Johns and David Finch about the new Justice League of America title they will be launching in 2013. And to my surprise one of the members is Courtney Whitmore.

From the image above her costume looks pretty much the same except for the Cosmic Converter Belt and visible seams. The belt looks much smaller. Instead of being smooth the whole way around it has links. Will this new belt mean new powers? Though not part of her costume she is missing one other thing…

She no longer is holding the cosmic rod given to her by seventh Starman, Jack Knight. So what does this tell us? Is Jack Knight alive? Probably not, but coupled with Geoff’s  responses I have an good idea of who Starman is in the New 52. 

When I read the following quote from Geoff Johns my mind raced in several different places. 

You’ll learn a little bit more about her background and why she became Stargirl, and how she’s connected to another superhero named Starman… Pat Duggan will be in there. 

At first I was worried because not only will Earth 2 lack a Stargirl, and S.T.R.I.P.E., but a Starman as well. James Robinson has said many times on the Comic Vine Podcast that outside of Green Lantern, Flash, and Atom there would be no duplicates on Earth 2. But then I was comforted by the fact that James finished his story with Starman a long time ago. So either on the main earth or Earth 2 we will not see Jack Knight. 

My next thought was James Robinson has already set up Opal City and a Starman in the New 52 during the first couple pages of The Shade miniseries.

That was that. Mikaal and Court would be Starman and Stargirl. But wait Mik is hanging out in Opal and this Starman Geoff is speaking about sounds like he has a relationship with Court and Pat.

She’s slightly different… She is the opposite of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. She is this real, All-American, wholesome superhero from Hollywood that is a phenomenon out in Los Angeles. She got her start on Hollywood Boulevard, she is incredibly altruistic, and idealistic. She is probably the one hero that goes against everything that the Paris Hilton generation is. That’s where she comes from, so she brings a different voice, a different perspective to the team.

Now that she is no longer in Blue Valley (I wonder without Wally West if that is still on the DC map?) and out in California her connection to Mikaal seems kinda off. But there is another Starman character that has ties to the West Coast. He has a history of passing his name and cosmic rod to Courtney and Geoff wrote him doing so not too long ago.

In the JSA episode of Smallville, Sylvester Pemberton dressed in a costume that looks like a mash-up between Jack Knight’s and his Star-Spangled Kid uniform is murdered in the first 15 minutes. This is where Courtney picks up the mantle. 

And lets not forget though Syl never became Starman he did receive a cosmic converter belt and cosmic rod from the original, Ted Knight. On top of that, when he was running Infinity Inc. he ran a movie company out in California named movie company, Stellar Studios. This would be perfect connection for this new actress Courtney.

So if I have to bet who the new Starman is it will be Sylvester Pemberton.


In case anyone was wondering, the All-Star Squadron (or at least a version of it) is canon in the DCAU.
(from Justice League Unlimited #10)


In case anyone was wondering, the All-Star Squadron (or at least a version of it) is canon in the DCAU.

(from Justice League Unlimited #10)