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Rob Liefeld & Joe Bennett on Hawkman

Newsarama has an interview with Rob Liefeld and is reporting Joe Bennett will be taking over for Philip Tan on the art duties of The Savage Hawkman. Liefeld had this to say about Hawkman.

I’ve loved Hawkman since I was really young. I’ve followed all his incarnations through the years and this current DC 52 incarnation excites me the most.

He’s an open book as far as direction is concerned. The Nth metal armor, which Carter possesses, is in huge demand. It’s power, and the secrets it possesses are desired by dangerous players, from our world as well as other worlds and dimensions. He is surrounded by danger and opponents who appear to have him outnumbered, and yet he fights back with a vengeance and takes matters into his own hands.

As a linguist and archeologist, he’s very intelligent and resourceful. Those qualities help him as he pushes for answers for the origins of the armor and his place in the mythology. 

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