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Preview: DC Universe Presents #11

iFanboy has a preview of DC Universe Presents #11. This is the last chapter in the “Savage” story.

Notes From Wednesday’s Books


I’m pretty sure in a couple months that will read, “Katar?”

So Dr. Occult is hanging around the main DCU? I was hoping he’d be used in Earth 2 by the Justice Society similar to how Phantom Stranger is used by the Justice League. I suppose he could be from Earth 2. There is no stopping him from jumping from one earth to another.

I missed Savage last week but well you know…. “Players only love you when they’re playing.”

Preview: DC Universe Presents #10

The Source has a preview of DC Universe Presents #10 featuring Vandal Savage and his daughter Kassidy Sage in “Savage: Part 2: Father’s Day Out.” 

Notes From Wednesday’s Books

I haven’t been reading the Batman books but these Night of Owls books but if they are like the latest issue of Birds of Prey they are providing some great period cosplay ideas.

It seems that all of Vandal Savage’s daughters are badass.

The Shade never fails to be a gorgeous book.

Darla is the best! That is all.

James Robinson Gets Savage

James Robinson spoke with USA Today about his upcoming three-issue arc in DC Universe Prestents featuring Vandal Savage and his daughter Kassidy Sage. He had this to say about Vandal Savage:

In the last version of the pre-‘New 52’ universe, he’d had a kingdom in eastern Europe, he’d been Genghis Khan, he’d done all these crazy things in his life, but at the heart he’s still this maniac caveman. I like the idea of that savage aspect wearing this veneer of civilization and education.

And for those who are worried about the status of his other daughter:

People who love Scandal Savage are scared, of course, that she’s gone away and will never come back, but at no point in the series do I ever undo her existence.

Of course this is pre-New 52, but after reading Devin Grayson’s Arsenal miniseries I figured Vandal Savage had tons of relatives and offspring floating around the DCU.

Preview: DC Universe Presents #9

CBR has a preview of DC Universe Presents #9 featuring Vandal Savage and his daughter Kassidy Sage.