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James Robinson Gets Savage

James Robinson spoke with USA Today about his upcoming three-issue arc in DC Universe Prestents featuring Vandal Savage and his daughter Kassidy Sage. He had this to say about Vandal Savage:

In the last version of the pre-‘New 52’ universe, he’d had a kingdom in eastern Europe, he’d been Genghis Khan, he’d done all these crazy things in his life, but at the heart he’s still this maniac caveman. I like the idea of that savage aspect wearing this veneer of civilization and education.

And for those who are worried about the status of his other daughter:

People who love Scandal Savage are scared, of course, that she’s gone away and will never come back, but at no point in the series do I ever undo her existence.

Of course this is pre-New 52, but after reading Devin Grayson’s Arsenal miniseries I figured Vandal Savage had tons of relatives and offspring floating around the DCU.