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Notes From Wednesday’s Books


I’m pretty sure in a couple months that will read, “Katar?”

So Dr. Occult is hanging around the main DCU? I was hoping he’d be used in Earth 2 by the Justice Society similar to how Phantom Stranger is used by the Justice League. I suppose he could be from Earth 2. There is no stopping him from jumping from one earth to another.

I missed Savage last week but well you know…. “Players only love you when they’re playing.”

Gary Frank Talks More SHAZAM!

Not only did Gary Frank talk about “The Curse of SHAZAM!” with CBR but he also spoke with Newsarama. In that interview he lets us know we’ll be seeing both Marry and Freddie.

Mary and Freddie are there. Mary hasn’t changed much but we’ve had a little fun tweaking Freddie. There will be other kids, too, and I hope the readers will enjoy getting to know them.

It’s good to know Mary and Freddie will be around. I wonder if the other kids will be similar to those we saw in Flashpoint.

First Look at The Curse of SHAZAM

Newsarama has look at Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Justice League backup, “The Curse of SHAZAM.” Here is a exerpt from the article:

Johns verified that the book will include new takes on Billy, Mary, Freddie, Sivana, the Wizard and Black Adam. While the hero that Billy becomes was formerly called Captain Marvel, Billy’s heroic character will now be known as Shazam, and Frank told Newsarama he’ll get a new costume that reflects his magical origin.