Bleeding Cool covered the panel, “Strong Women and the Creators Who Empower Them” at Wondercon 2014. The panel was moderated by James Robinson and included  Kelly Sue DeConnick, Gail Simone, Cliff Chiang, Rick Burchett, and Georges Jeanty as panelists. During the panel an audience member asked the panel what their proudest moment was. 

Simone said when she did Birds of Preyshe wanted to show that three female leads could function without being depicted as stereotypical women. She did not want to have them fighting over boyfriends, constantly be concerned about their hair and make-up, and only be shown eating salad or (if dumped by a man) ice cream. When Birds of Prey succeeded, it was Simone’s proudest moment.

Robinson shared that he was most proud that his run on Justice League had four of the seven members be female. He also answered another audience member that asked which female character they would like to see rebooted, and he said he would like to see a few pounds put back on Amanda Waller, a belief that many in the audience clearly shared by the applause that followed.

I must say I really liked Robinson’s Justice League line up. It really felt like the next generation of the world’s greatest heroes. Anytime I hear or read about him talking about the book it seems like editorial edict got in the way. Much in the same way it seemed to have with Dwayne McDuffie’s run. Both McDuffie’s and Robinson’s run had some great moments. 

On a side note, while I was thinking about how Donna Troy received a blue lasso during that time period. Before that Wonder Girl was given a red lasso. I can’t remember what they referred to them as but I always wished Donna’s wasn’t blue. I thought Wonder Woman should have her Golden Lasso. Donna Troy should have her Silver Lasso. Wonder Girl should have a Ruby Lasso. Anyway that was my two cents.

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