Earth 2 Batman fights Falcone or Francavilla?


The preview of Earth 2 Annual #2 shows the first Earth 2 Batman investigating the Falcone family. I thought this was an interesting choice to add the mob family created in the 1980s to Golden Age inspired Earth 2. When I downloaded the book this morning from Comixology the family’s name was Francavilla.


Considering that part of the story takes place in the 1970s I figured Tom Taylor had to come up with another name crime name and gave a not to Francesco Francavilla’s awesome "Batman 1972" blog post. 

I thought that was interesting enough to put up on New Earth 2 but when I went to take screenshot the name had been updated from Falcone back to Francavilla. I’m guessing it was Tom Taylor’s original idea to have the family name Francavilla and it was an editorial change. Interesting.

If anyone has a screenshot let me know!

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool has posted a picture.


I’ll say the book was a great read. I’m going to go into more thoughts after the jump but be forewarned there are New Earth 2 Batman SPOILERS!!!!!

Even though this was spoiled in a toy solicit I’m glad Tom Taylor stuck with what seems to be inline with how James Robinson was thinking about Batman. Here is what Robinson had to say about on the Comic Vine Podcast back in October 2012 about the first Earth 2 Batman:

Tony Guerrero: Was your Batman older than the regular Batman if he had a teenage daughter?

James Robinson: Uh, well, it’s never mentioned. Yeah, he kind of is isn’t he? I always pictured him as kind of like — a when everything — this is how I imagined it, that when everything — again people will get weird ‘cause they will think it’s Thomas Wayne and it isn’t but in the way that they’re like amalgams. You know like the Atom is an amalgam (he previously noted in the podcast that the new Earth 2 Atom is an amalgam of the Golden Age Atom, Atom-Smasher, and Damage). I sort of pictured him as post-Flashpoint being a Batman that was kind of Bruce Wayne if Bruce Wayne was an amalgam with the Thomas Wayne character from Flashpoint. So as a result he is probably ten years older.

I am slightly bummed that none of my guesses were right or JSA Revisited's guess of Blackwing.

Outside of the Falcone’s a few other post Golden Age items were added to Earth 2. Jarvis Pennyworth who was recently created in the Court of Owls storyline showed up. 


Apparently there is a League of Shadows on this Earth. League of Shadows is the Nolan Batman movies version of the League of Assassins, run by Ra’s al Ghul. Vandal Savage always seemed to be the Golden Age predecessor to Ra’s al Ghul. Maybe he will run the League of Shadows on this Earth. He has already replaced him in the Tower of Babel animated adaptation Justice League: Doom.


The last thing of note is that the new Batman is using Miraclo which was given to him by Rex Mason. What? Rex Mason is the civilian identity of the Silver Age hero Metamorpho. Rex Tyler also known as Hourman is the creator of Miraclo. Was that a typo that will be updated or is Rex Mason now part of Earth 2. Either way Tyler Co. has been around since the first issue.

What did you think of the issue?

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