So ahead are some semi SPOILERish information from the Comic Vine Podcast post a couple days ago. 

  • Lois Lane dies in while  on the job
  • James Robinson is really enjoying writing Al Pratt (The Atom).
  • Shade definitely takes place in the main DC Universe
  • Had he known of the plans for Earth 2 back then he would have placed it on Earth 2
  • There is no Opal City on Earth 2
  • James can’t say yes or no what characters will populate Earth 2
  • James doesn’t want to explain or answer too much because he wants people to read the story
  • Don’t expect any of the of the Quality/Freedom Fighters characters. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray still have the reins on those guys.

I’m really excited about Al Pratt. I liked how James handled him in The Golden Age and Adventure Comics #1 during the The Justice Society Returns events. It is a bummer that The Shade is not taking place on Earth 2. I do wonder since there is no Opal City on Earth 2, is there a Starman?

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