Earth 2 Much?

"Grump Old Fan" on CBR’s Robot 6 ponders some of the additions to the new 52 line-up.

And that brings us back to the two parallel-world — excuse me, next-generation superhero — titles, Earth 2 from James Robinson and Nicola Scott and Worlds’ Finest from Paul Levitz, George Pérez, and Kevin Maguire. I will be getting both of these eagerly, mostly because of my stated affection for the old Multiverse. Again, though, I wonder how many of the New-52′s newer readers will be interested in a pair of books which (re)introduce another Earth’s worth of continuity? 

I figure at least in both of the titles the parallel world element is hinted at in the title. An hopefully people come back because the content is great.

The above image is Brian Bolland’s cover to The Huntress: Darknight Daughter.

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